The queen, some paint and a Cadillac Eldorado

The queen, some paint and a Cadillac Eldorado
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Some people will laugh at this, others might cry. But the truth is that this painted 1956 Cadillac is regarded by some people like a true work of art. And now it is for sale.

Every now and then, a car turns up that has been turned into a rolling work of art. Some of them are even recognized as serious artwork, like the BMW art cars that have been made over the years.

And also Karel Appels Mercedes 190 from 1986 is being regarded as an important work by the famous artist. Rumour has it that the car is still in the basement of the Mercedes-Benz-importer in the Netherlands.

Heiko the Cry

And then there are dozens of less famous artists who try their hand at a car. Like German artist Heiko Saxo, who also goes by the name Heiko the Cry. He creates all sorts of artwork and is famous for making watches. Often he depicts automobiles in his paintings. Then in 1997, he decided he would not put a car in a painting, but make a painting on a car. He traveled to the USA where he found this 1956 Cadillac Eldorado Coupé Seville.


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We will not describe what he painted on the car, the photographs speak for themselves. The result of Heiko’s work is called ‘Queen Elizabeth Rolling Work of Art’, it appears that the artist has a thing for the present monarch of the United Kingdom.

The car has been painted inside and out. Heiko Saxo being a universal artist, he is also a composer so the car is equipped with a music system and a discoball.

Silvester Stallone

The car was presented at the local Mercedes-Benz dealership of Beverly Hills in 1998. Present were the Consul General of Germany and some movie stars like Silvester Stallone.

After that, the car traveled through the USA as a promotional vehicle, though it is not clear what exactly it promoted. Some years later it was bought by an entertainer in Las Vegas. In 2014 the car was sold to Europe and apparently made a presence at several events there.

Now the car is in the Netherlands and is being offered for sale there. According to the seller, the car has ‘conquered all hearts in the Netherlands’, and it even is soon to be seen in a movie, although we haven’t got a clue what movie that will be.


Apart from all the artwork, the car runs and drives well and even runs on lpg. It is being offered on several different websites. The car is offered in the Netherlands now, in the town of Heeten, the seller has been asking EUR 29,950 for it but now seems to be open for offers. 

If you consider that a year ago a similar Cadillac Eldorado Seville Coupe was sold for USD 33,000 dollars, then this car could be a bargain.