Update – Thieves hit Dutch auctioneer: 4 Porsches stolen

Update – Thieves hit Dutch auctioneer: 4 Porsches stolen
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During the Easter weekend, four Porsches and two other classics were stolen from an auction house in the Netherlands. The burglary was discovered only a few days later.

This reports the Dutch newspaper Telegraaf.

According to the newspaper, three Porsches (presumably 911’s), a 1971 Mercedes 280 SL, a 1964 Porsche 356 and a 1973 Jaguar E-type were stolen.

Apparently, the building in an industrial estate in the city of Uithoorn was burgled during the night before Easter sunday.

After the thieves forced their way in, they took their time to pick up the cars they wanted.

First, they took away two cars at 1.15 AM.

Then at 2.30 AM they came back for two more cars and the last one they took at around 6.00 AM.

In order to take the cars that they wanted, they had to move quite a few of the other cars, as the building was packed with classic cars.


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The owner of the auction house has confirmed the burglary to the Telegraaf but would not comment. Police are investigating the matter.

The cars in the building were part of an online auction that was still going on at that time.

A week earlier the building had been open to the public for a viewing day.

The thieves left behind several other valuable cars, like some Rolls-Royces Corniche, Mercedes-Benz’s and Ford Mustangs. 

Update April 15, 2018