This Jaguar XK 150 is unique

This Jaguar XK 150 is unique
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This odd-shaped Jaguar started life in 1960 as a regular XK 150 Fixed Head Coupé. Well, as regular as a car like that can be. The car was delivered when new to a Mr. A.E. Richardson, a solicitor who worked in Surrey, UK, but lived on the other side of the country, in Durham. He used the car to commute to work and managed to drive it for 77,500 miles in three years, and this mainly on pre-motorways. As Mr. Richardson quite enjoyed driving his Jaguar, he tried to make it faster and a fascinating correspondence between him and Jaguar proves that he was trying to get different final drive ratios and even a different speedometer. In 1963 he was faced with the facts of life, in this case meaning that his son was growing up. To accommodate him in the backseat, Richardson ordered a fastback bodywork on his beloved XK150.



The work was done by coachbuilders Ron and Leonard Hartin, who built a aluminium fastback roof. The lighter material compensated for the extra material and the car is hardly heavier than a normal XK 150 FHC.
Richardson kept his car until 1970, then it was sold. After a few different owners, it ended up with the owner of Cambridge Motorsport, who decided to perform a full restoration. Since then it has been sold again and later again by J.D. Classics of London. But it is now announced to be on the Goodwood Revival auction by Bonhams, on 9 September 2017. Bonhams estimates the car at EUR 110.000 to 160.000 or USD 130.000 to 180.000.

Foto: JD Classics