This Fiat is named Bertone

This Fiat is named Bertone
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You don’t see many of these around. This little Fiat X1/9 is to be auctioned next week in the Netherlands. Oh… and it’s not a Fiat.

When it was launched, the Fiat X1/9 was a spectacular little sportscar.

The design by Nuccio Bertone was crisp and sleek, the pop-up headlights and the Targa-roof were every schoolboy’s dream and the positioning of the 1.3 four-cylinder engine in front of the rear axle made this car perform pretty well.

But somehow it never became really successful.

Maybe because the price was too high because the price of the X1/9 in 1975 was 170 percent of that of a normal Fiat 1100.


Foto BCA Netherlands


Fiat built its little sports car from 1972 to 1981, then they quit.

Designer Bertone loved the little car so much that they decided to continue the production for a few more years under their own brand.

That’s the one that you see on these pictures. This is not a Fiat, but a Bertone X1/9, built in 1985 and originally sold in the USA.

It has a 1.5-litre engine and the two-tone paint looks to be the original colour combination.

This pretty little sports car is on sale at the live Classic Car Auction by BCA Auctions in Barneveld, the Netherlands on April 21.