This is not an Alfa Romeo

This is not an Alfa Romeo
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It is amazing how the shape of this car talks to us. Immediately when you see it, you know that this car was built for just one purpose: to drive as fast as possible. The curved shapes make it look energetic and muscular, as an athlete ready to start. The rounded back side reminds us of a racehorse that is running in an explosion of energy. Every line of this car represents only one thing: power.

And yet, this car is not built by one of the famous car constructors. The designer of its bodywork is anonymous. And the car basically has no name.

But it is called Alfa Romeo 6C Derivata Barchetta Corsa

In the postwar years in Italy, motorsports were popular, but not all drivers could afford to buy themselves a fast Alfa Romeo or Maserati or even a fast Fiat.

Many drivers therefore constructed cars of their own, combining the best parts they could find from several different brands. Most of these cars were based on the chassis of the ever popular Fiat 1100.

Some of these cars found fame for themselves, like the Stanguellini, the Ermini and of course the Auto Avio Costruzioni by Enzo Ferrari. But many other cars remained nameless. Very often, they ended on the scrapheap after their racing career was over.

But somehow, this one survived. This car is a great example of the artisan-racing cars of postwar Italy. It has a beautiful design, the body is handcrafted aluminum.

The engine is an Alfa Romeo 6C 2,500 cc six cylinder from 1949. All this is carried by a modified chassis of a Fiat Gilco. The wheels are real Borrani’s and the car has been meticulously restored. It is for sale at a classic car specialist in the Italian town of Roncadelle, in the province Brescia.