This Jaguar XK120 is XL

This Jaguar XK120 is XL
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The last classic car auction of this year will be on 29 December in Switzerland. One of the cars to be sold there is this unique Jaguar XK120 built by Autenrieth.

When Jaguar introduced the XK120 sports car, it was a sensation. After all, it had proved to be capable of a top speed of 120 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest sports cars in the market. And on top of that, the design of the car was absolutely stunning.

No wonder that all over the western world wealthy people started checking their bank accounts to see if they could go out and buy this wonderful car.

So did the German businessman Wilhelm Eckerlin, who together with his brother owned a book publishing firm in Frankfurt.

On 7 August 1951, he took delivery of his brand new XK120.

But soon he discovered that the car was too small for him.

Or that he was too big for the car. But since he could not change his personal measurements, he decided to have a coachbuilder enlarge his Jaguar.


It was coachbuilder Autenrieth in Darmstadt that took care of the job.

They took the body from the chassis, making the entire body of the car 22 centimeters wider and stretching the interior 40 centimeters.

The wider body needed a new windscreen, so the split windscreen was replaced by a windscreen in one piece, it is believed that it comes from Ford.



A firm that normally produced mattresses took care of the interior and the all-steel dashboard was painted to look like burlwood.

Eckerlin paid DM 55,000 for the car, an amazing price if you consider that the normal XK120 cost 18,500.

But apparently, he did enjoy it, as he drove it until 1960.

In that year he sold the car and it went from one owner to another. In this process, the original engine got lost, but in 2011 it was found again and the car is not in the original condition as it was in 1951.

This remarkable car has been around for some years, it has attended various classic car show in and outside Germany. The car is now being sold at the auction of Oldtimer Galerie Toffen in Gstaad, Switzerland on 29 December.