Toyota’s boxy little Corona is everywhere!

Toyota’s boxy little Corona is everywhere!
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Toyota’s little Corona from the 1960’s was for many people in Europe and the USA the first Japanese car they ever encountered. Let’s see how many of them are still on the market.

Let’s be frank about this, the appearance of the Toyota Corona T40/T50 is not to everybody’s taste. The sloping front looks like a stuck-out lower lip and gives the face of the car a silly expression. They don’t call it shovelnose for nothing, you know.

Apart from that, the car looks fairly smart and sleek. Toyota managed to put a four-door sedan in just 4.11 meters and around 950 kilos. It is said that Italian top-designer Battista Farina lend a hand in designing the car, but maybe he wasn’t watching when the front was designed.

The first two generations of Toyota’s Corona, starting in 1957, were sold in the domestic market only. It was the square-shaped third generation that was exported to all corners of the world.

Many variations

What was unusual about this car was the many variations that Toyota built. There were a four-door notchback sedan and a coupé, a stationwagon, a pickup and a van available. But there was also a five-door hatchback, which was quite remarkable in this class of cars. And it was even possible to order this charming little car with the automatic Toyoglide transmission.

This way, Toyota could adapt this car to different markets all over the world, and that is exactly what they did.

The Corona was produced in Japan of course, but in 1966 production started in the South Korean Shinjin-factory, that would later become Daewoo. Also in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa Corona’s were assembled.

The third Corona-generation was officially named T40/T50 and was introduced in 1964. At first, it was driven by a 55 hp 1.2-liter engine, in 1967 that was replaced by the more powerful 1.5. Later there was a 1.6 and even a 1.9 available. In 1968 the larger Corona MkII was introduced, but this MkI remained in production until 1970 in Japan and 1972 in South Korea.

Since the Corona was sold all over the world, there are still some remaining in different corners of the globe.

Foto: NederlandMobiel


Like this white one in the Netherlands. It’s from 1965 so it has the 1.2-liter engine, it also has a manual gearbox. The white color is not really exciting, but it does show that the car is unblemished and in good nick. The license plate shows that the car was originally delivered new in the Netherlands. On the front wings, you see the brackets for the rearview mirrors, but the only one is on the front left door, as it is clearly a lefthand drive car. Seller is asking EUR 3,995.


Foto: Classic-Trader


Just a year younger is this blue Corona. We found this one in Denmark. It’s from 1966 and according to the info of the seller, the engine is a 1.5 liter. The metallic blue color looks good on the car, even so good that we suspect a recent restoration. The sparkling blue interior surely looks attractive and that might be why the price for this car is EUR 6,800.



Foto: Pakwheels


Here’s a Corona that’s all the way in Islamabad, Pakistan. It even appears to have been a barnfind. The ad says that it’s been parked in a garage for 30 years, it is a right-hand drive car from 1969 with front bench and column-shift. And by the looks of it, it is in a pretty good shape. The price is set at PKR 945,000.





Can a Corona like that look even more attractive? Surely this blue coupé does. It is located in California and is offered by what seems to be a Toyota-dealer. The car is from 1969 and it’s an automatic. There are no less than 58 pictures of this car, you can see every corner of it. And yes, it all looks wonderful. So the seller is asking USD 19,900.


Foto: TradeUniqueCars


If you find the blue coupé not sporty enough, have a look at this grey one. According to the seller’s info, this car is a 1968 Corona GT Coupé and it is equipped with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine. It is difficult to judge if all the goodies (airconditioning!) on this car are original equipment, but they sure look sweet. Definitely not original are the alloy wheels, but they are Italian made Cromodora’s. Price of this coupé is POA, so you are invited to come and have a look and make an offer.



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Foto: Vavato


Most Corona’s have rather plain colors, but this red one really stands out. It is a 1500 from 1966 and it was originally sold in Sweden. It has only 57.639 kilometers on the odometer and it looks to be in original condition.

This car is to be auctioned online in Belgium, the bidding starts 2 October and closes 12 October. It’s worth giving it a shot.


Foto: Justcars


Maybe a coupé isn’t practical enough. Then we suggest you have a look at this fastback Corona from 1967, the only car of this body type that we could find. It’s probably not as good as the other cars, seller makes it very clear that the car needs a restoration. The car used to be blue, he says. It is also a right-hand drive, as it is an Australian car. Hence the price of AUD 4,500.



Foto: GooNetExchange


And of course, there are Corona’s for sale in Japan. Like this one, a Deluxe from 1969 with 1.6 liter engine and manual transmission. Note the front bench. There’s not much info to go on, but all the more lovely pictures. The price of this car is set on JPY 980,000. 





An identical Deluxe is this one, note the gorgeous hubcaps.  This 1968 Corona Deluxe does have the bucket seats, it also has a three-speed column shifter and it’s right-hand drive, although it is in the USA. That is because it was imported from Japan in 2016 and since then has not been modified. The engine is 1.5 liter. Asking price? Just USD 6,500.



Foto: Oldcaronline


In Laredo, Texas USA, we find this sparkling blue 1968 sedan. It is very blue indeed, clearly, it had a respray recently but that looks good. The front seat is a bench rather than bucket seats, it has an automatic transmission and the seller doesn’t waste any time on info. Price is USD 17,500, but open to negotiations.



Foto: TradeUniqueCars


The last one in this list is the cutest. This four-door white Corona looks exactly as the one from the Netherlands, but this one is in Australia. A guy named Logan is selling her, after having owned it for two and a half years. The photo clearly shows that he loves his little Toyota, but he wants a four-wheel drive now. Asking price? Just AUD 4,000.