(VIDEO) A Brazilian Volkswagen is always special

(VIDEO) A Brazilian Volkswagen is always special
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The concept of an aircooled boxer engine in the back and a spine chassis proved successful for Volkswagen. But in the early 1960’s the market wanted something bigger and better looking then the by then ancient Beetle. So enter the Type 3. This sedan-shaped pontoon bodied car was equipped with a 1.500, later 1.600 cc boxerengine in the back. It had luggage space both in the front and in the back and offered space to 5 people. It was a midsized salooncar that would compete in Europe with the Ford Taunus and Cortina and for instance the Fiat 1500 or Opel Rekord.

The Type 3 was introduced in 1961 as a notchback sedan, later we got the Variant stationwagon, which turned out to be an enormous success in the USA. And also there was a fastback-version, the 1600 TL. These cars proved pretty successful. The demand for a fourdoor version though was met only when the Type 4 was introduced, the VW 411, in 1968.

But in Brazil, the Type 3 turned out quite different from the European version. It was introduced in 1968. In that year, the European Type 3 had already had a facelift.

For the Brazilian market, a different version was designed. The shape of the Brazilian Type 3 is more square and boxy. And the major difference is that it has 4 doors instead of 2. Still, the car was not greatly successful and was discontinued in 1970. It was replaced by a fastback version, first as a twodoor, later also as fourdoor car. This Brazilian Volkswagen 1600 TL fourdoor was built from 1970 to 1976.

This olivegreen 1600 TL is one of the first that was on the market, a twodoor version. According to the classic car specialist that is selling it, the car has been completely restored and is in original condition. It is on sale in the city of Ibitinga in Brasil, the seller is asking BRL 22.900, which comes down to around 7.000 USD. This one also has a lovely video. Look and… listen!