(VIDEO) Be quick if you want this Lincoln

(VIDEO) Be quick if you want this Lincoln
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Better hurry if you want this Lincoln Continental Convertible. It’s on auction on eBay and it has a little more than 1 day before the auction ends.

We suggest that you play this video while reading this. Listen and enjoy!

We found this Lincoln on eBay, it is being auctioned there right now. And since it is a no-reserve auction, you just might be in for a bargain.

The car is in Dade City, Florida USA and the seller has really made sure that you won’t miss any information on it. He’s added 143 pictures of practically every corner of the car, yes, even the underside of the doors.

It is a 1967 car, it has a glass rear window and most of it looks good. Of course, there is some damage to the paint and some rust at the usual places, so it does need some work. But a lot of is good, take for instance the electric roof:

So far 43 bids have been made, as we are writing this, the bidding is at USD 10,000. But, auction ends tomorrow, December 10, so if you want it, you gotta make your move quickly. Good luck!