Volkswagen vans at bargain prices

Volkswagen vans at bargain prices
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There are some amazing bargains to be found out there. Take for instance these two Volkswagen Vanagons. The name stands for the passenger van-version of the Volkswagen Bus, which in the USA was named Vanagon. There were also Westfalia-campers based on the Vanagon and that is what we are dealing with here.

The blue car is a 1974 T2 Volkswagen Bus with the famous Westfalia pop-top. It’s Riviera-version and it is looking pretty well as if it has had a respray only recently. The car is for sale in Hopkins, South Carolina, USA and the price is USD 5.420.


The other van is also a Westfalia-version, though this is the T1 split-window van. This 1966 car has recently been refurbished, with new sheet metal here and there and a new coat of paint. The electrical system has been upgraded from 6 to 12 Volt. Mechanically it is sound, so the seller says, and it runs well. This beige campervan also has the Westfalia pop-top, of course, this is the smaller, older version. This car is for sale in Irmo, South Carolina, USA, which happens to be not very far from Hopkins. The price of this little beauty? Just USD 7.800.

European market
Now, this makes you wonder why these cars are being offered that cheap. In Europe, the market for these cars is healthy, there is a lot of demand there and prices for T1 and T2 VW vans with Westfalia pop-tops certainly are a lot higher in Europe. Of course, only cars like the Samba and the 23- or 21-window VW-van fetch record prices like USD 220.000. But Westfalia campervans based on T1 or T2 VW’s would cost you tens of thousands of dollars in Europe. It is not clear if these cars are original if they’re built in Germany or in South America, but at these prices, that actually doesn’t matter much.
So let’s see if someone in Europe will pick these two cars up in South Carolina? Let’s see what happens.