Who wants this original 1949 Lancia Ardea?

Who wants this original 1949 Lancia Ardea?
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This remarkable Lancia Ardea was on auction last week on Catawiki. Dating from 1949, this car is practically in original condition. According to the ad, the paintwork is almost completely original and never resprayed. In the interior, we find silk doorhandles, luggagebelts in the trunk and a curtain for the rear window. The seatcovers hide the original upholstery, which is supposedly still in good nick. Even the tires are original, the ad says. This car was on offer in a special Catawiki auction for righthand drive cars. So it was there in the company of Austins, Rovers and other British best. Why? Well, because Italian carmakers found it more comfortable for drivers to get out on the pavement side. This Lancia has a sticker from 1973 on the rear window, it’s believed to have been in storage since then, being used only once in more than 40 years. You will find the car in Turin, northern Italy.

And it will be there for a while because the Catawiki auction did not raise enough money. The highest bid on this car is EUR 5,500, but the auction master’s estimate was EUR 8,750 to 11,500. Amazing really, that nobody wants this pretty original car. Maybe we will find it online again soon.

Foto’s: Catawiki