Who’s been messing with my Vanden Plas??

Who’s been messing with my Vanden Plas??
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Of course, it’s Harold Radford again. Coachbuilder Harold Radford & Co was known in the 1960’s for converting Mini’s into little boudoirs and also converted some of these Vanden Plas Princess R’s into stationwagons. 

This time the company gave a Vanden Plas Princess 4 liter R a Rolls-Royce treatment. These Pininfarina-designed cars would fill the gap between the big Austins and Morrises and Rolls-Royce.

British Motor Corporation and RR worked together on this, creating a roomy saloon car, propelled by a 4-liter six-cylinder Rolls-Royce engine.

Being a Vanden Plas, the car had a large, chromed grille, distinguishing it from any other premium car. The lavish interior was both roomy and comfortable and the Vanden Plas 4 liter (and later the 3 liter too) really stood out of the crowd.

Extra chrome

But apparently, for some people that still wasn’t enough. Some people always want more. Like the Frenchman or -woman who ordered this car in 1965. So Radford added the RR-grille, adapted front and rear lights and bolted quite a few extra chrome parts on the car.

In the interior, Radford added more wood and mounted little mirrors in the C-pillars. A Webasto-folding roof would provide lots of fresh air and the car was sprayed in a two-tone color scheme.


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From the description that auction house Artcurial gives, we learn that the engine of the car was rebuilt in 1995. That suggests that the rest of the car is in more or less original condition.

Unfortunately, Artcurial does not give any info about the history of the car. Who ordered this monstrosity? And why?? We will probably never know.

Foto’s Artcurial

If you want to see this car in the flesh, make sure to visit Artcurial’s sale on April 8 in Paris.
The car is expected to fetch between EUR 10,000 and 15,000. That is about half the price you would pay for a normal Princess R in immaculate condition.