Wooden barnfind

Wooden barnfind
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No, this is not your grandmother’s sideboard you’re looking at. It’s a funeral car. As you know, funeral cars have very different styles in different parts of the world. In Argentina, the coachbuilders Hermida & Nazzi had a unique way of building funeral cars mainly of wood. Apparently, there was a barnfind recently of three of those cars, dating from 1938. According to the ad on Carandclassic.co.uk, the cars all three Cadillacs belonged to the same funeral parlour. The cars are in good shape, it says, one car is actually in running order. According to the pictures, the cars need a good cleaning first.

It’s not the first time that some of these exquisite hearses turn up. In 2010 a similar group of hearses and flowercars was restored by an Argentinian collector. Read all about it on Hemmings Blog.

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