Wow, there’s an AC Buckland for sale!

Wow, there’s an AC Buckland for sale!
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Finding an AC Buckland Sports Tourer that is for sale is quite a rare thing. This white one looks nice, but it does need some tender loving care. Once you put that in, you get a rare and remarkable car to enjoy.

Yes, it needs restoring, but the good thing is that it comes with lots of spare parts, including an engine. It has the original engine under the bonnet, which has been overhauled some years ago, but cooling problems got the better of it and the car is now a non-runner.

AC Cars Ltd. Of Thames Ditton in Surrey, UK, never produced large quantities of cars.
But after World War 2 they produced almost 1.300 of their new 2-liter that was introduced in 1947. It was a completely new design with hydraulic front brakes and mechanical rear brakes and a conventional suspension with leaf springs both front and rear.

The only thing prewar about it was the 1,991 cc engine, delivering 74 bhp. The 2-liter sedan was produced until 1956.

Drophead Coupé

Apart from the saloon, some other body styles were created. In 1948 there was a twodoor shooting brake and in 1949 also a Drophead Coupé.
But both were produced in only very little numbers.


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Then in 1949, the AC 2-liter Buckland Sports Tourer appeared. While all other AC 2-liters were produced in AC’s own factory, this sporty convertible had a body by coachbuilder Buckland Body Works of Buntingford, Hertfordshire.

The chassis would be sent over to AC and Buckland would fit their aluminum body on it. The Buckland was not unlike the Drophead Coupé that AC had produced itself, but the Buckland was lighter and somewhat lower.

It was even used for racing in the early 1950’s, that is where the fold-flat windscreen came in handy. And it was even available with cut outdoors, for more sporty use.

Demonstration vehicle

This AC Buckland has been – according to the seller – a demonstration vehicle for coachbuilder Buckland. “Built in 1949 but not appearing to be registered until the 25th March 1951, this AC Buckland was Buckland’s prototype demonstrator and the very car that Motorsport magazine tested in its September 1952 edition”, we read in the very elaborate description of the car.

Foto’s The Market

The odd thing is that a year ago a similar AC Buckland (from 1948) was sold by auction house Historics at Brooklands. And also about this car, it was told that it had probably been a demonstration vehicle for Buckland.

Of course, it is possible that Buckland in 1948 and 1949 had two cars that they used for testing new bodystyles and for demonstrations. But considering that only 82 of these cars were built, that would have been quite expensive.
This just shows how difficult it is to get a car’s history correct.

What’s it worth?

And how about the price? What’s an AC Buckland worth? It’s not easy to figure that out.

The one that was sold at Brooklands last year, fetched GBP 24,000. But in 2014 there was one sold at the Hershey-auction of RM Sotheby’s in the USA for USD 82,500!

At the moment, there is one for sale in New York City (in poor condition, with a Chevrolet V8-engine!) which has a price tag of USD 29,500.

The price for this immaculate Buckland in Belgium has come down from EUR 85,000 to 63,950.

And the white one in this article? It is being offered in an online auction, the present offer is GBP 5,500, but the reserveprice has not been met yet.