You can’t get them much bigger then this

You can’t get them much bigger then this
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When it comes to big cars, Cadillac is a league of their own. And you will find them literally everywhere in the world. This immaculate looking 1972 Cadillac Sedan de Ville with Ohio-plates is being offered for sale in… Prague.

It  is really a simple story: a collector from the Czech republic imported this Caddy earlier this year and now he wants to get rid of it.
The car comes from Ohio and it had only one owner there, the mileage is only 87.641. It is a 1972 Sedan de Ville in the 70th Anniversary edition.

This Caddy is the fourth generation Sedan de Ville, equipped with the 7.7-litre V8 engine. In those days, it was the biggest landyacht you could buy.
The seller is a company in Prague, they’re asking CZK 299.000 for it, that is without VAT. That comes down to EUR 11,571.56 or USD 12,837.15. That’s not a bad price for a gorgeous car like this, is it?